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Property Taxes:

Rising Property taxes have become a major concern in Colorado. While the state legislature sets the assessment rate, the property tax rate is set at a local and county level. It’s called the Mill Levy Rate. The city budget is one factor that determines this rate. I will work to cut waste and unnecessary spending in the budget to reduce and eliminate Golden’s portion in the Levy rate. Then I will heavily engage with the county commissioners and school boards to reduce their portions of the Levy rate. This is an issue I encourage every Coloradan to educate themselves on.

I also support TABOR (Taxpayers Bill of Rights) and I oppose Proposition HH. The government needs limits on what it can tax from its people or else it will never stop. Many other states in the nation, both red and blue, prove this point. Proposition HH grants a miniscule tax relief but removes TABOR which will lead to plenty of new taxes and tax hikes in the future. I believe that society is better when regular people are empowered with freedom and responsibility without the burden governments place on them. I will not vote to raise taxes and will do everything in my power to unburden the residents of Golden.

Combating Crime:

I believe the right to safety and private property are essential principles of America. As a city councilor I would work with other city officials, law enforcement and private groups to ensure that property theft (especially car theft) is dealt with and the violent crime from Denver does not bleed over into our community. The Jefferson County sheriff’s office and Golden police are understaffed for the rising crime rates and they cannot handle this alone. I will work to empower community members to protect their neighborhoods by presenting policies to form city watches and private security forces to supplement current law enforcement efforts.

Empower Small Businesses:

Small businesses are a corner stone of the American economy and that is no different here in Golden. With a bustling and iconic downtown, prestigious college and landmarks like the Coors Brewery, small and mid-size businesses need to be allowed to flourish to serve their customers and community. I will engage with business leaders on ways we can cut regulation and accelerate bureaucratic processes. The tax burden on both businesses and Coloradans must be reduced and I will fight any new local taxes.

Government Transparency:

I promise to be transparent if elected to the city council and work to keep the council and government transparent to the residents of Golden. Taxpayers deserve to know how their money is being spent. I will work to make sure Golden maintains transparency in its budget and residents get the information they ask for. Officials are elected to serve the community, not the other way around.

Restore Autonomy to Young Adults

It is wrong that young adults can take on massive debt, be sent to war, go to work, get married etc. but not drink or smoke at 18. It is time to stop infantilizing the young adults of America. I will work with the council, college students, local businesses (including Coors) and young workers to restore the rights to those 18-20. The government has no right to treat adults differently based on their age. This is discrimination plain and simple and I stand against it. Golden is the perfect place to start this movement, especially with School of Mines our young adults will show the responsibility needed for this change. I am not trying to encourage these behaviors but the idea that changing the age to consume or outright banning these items will stop people from doing them is complete nonsense.

Committee to Elect Jacob Luria to Golden City Council D1.
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